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Should we get rid of lotteries?

The Dallas branch of the NAACP wants to get rid of the Texas lottery because it believes that the the Lottlery disproportionately negatively effects low income communities. The group also believs that the lottery disproportionately targets minorities and low income people. Of course the Texas Lottery Commission disagrees with these charges and claims that their advertising goal is to reach the broadest adult population possible.

All state lotteries make millions of dollars a year for their States.As of now, the lottery is one of very few approved gambling opportunities available in most states. Therefore it isn’t a question whether the NAACP will succeed in removing the Texas state lottery, they won’t. There is no other way to make this much money. In a country where the prohibition of alcohol failed miserably, it seems like a waste of time to try to completly get rid of gambling. Even now, with gambling limited and heavily regulated, people find ways to do it illegally and on grand scales, do we really think a full ban would stop it?

I think the best way to help people in this situation is awareness. Texas is only one state and the state lottery is only one way to gamble. There are quick and easy ways around a ban. Teaching people about the signs of addiction and that lottery is only a short term fix would benefit more people than just getting rid of the lottery.

(Source: CNN)