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Big Ben is now Elizabeth Tower, sort of…

Yesterday it was announced that Ben Ben clock tower would now be known, officially, as Elizabeth Tower. While I was one a the many people that thought it was unnecessary, a little history has made me rethink my stance.

Below I there is a picture of Westminster Palace, also known as the British Parliament. It is home to two towers: one to the left,with a flag on top and one to the right which is the clock tower known as Big Ben.

Queen Elizabeth II is only the second monarch to serve for sixty years (and therefore have a Diamond Jubilee). The first was Queen Victoria. In addition to the Jubilee, Queen Victoria also received the gift of a tower being named after her; specifically the tower on the left side of Parliament. So it is actually fitting that the next monarch to reach 60 years on the throne should get something equally impressive.

Also, the tower itself actually has no name. Big Ben is just the bell inside the tower. So people have been referring to the tower incorrectly for decades if not a century and the government is fully aware that the people will continue to do so. So this change really only applies to government officials and the British media. The rest of us can forget it after, the assumed, official naming ceremony.

(Source: Slate)